Base class with protected virtual voids - bolt

Basbo 4 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 4 years ago 1

I've read some topics regarding coroutines here, but due to my limited C# experience I'm kinda confused now. I want to integrate this example interface class in my bolt project and implement some child classes:

.. and got a bunch of questions.

1) Does it make sense to realize that class(es) in bolt and if yes how to start with?

2) Or is a mixture of written classes and bolt flows/states most effective?

3) How can I investigate which bolt flows are executed first in a scene with several objects and their machines? Is there need of some kind of master or eventsystem to control all that flows and coroutines? 

Some hints of more experienced devs here would be awesome :)

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Hi Basbo!

Bolt does not have any notion of "classes"; it's not an object-oriented language. Therefore, you can't "override" methods or "implement" parent classes.

1) You can make something similar using custom events for Initialize and UpdateSense

2) That's up to you, but Bolt can access your code classes, and vice versa (see the API section of the manual)

3) There is no "machine execution order" in Bolt, so the order in which graphs with the same events are executed is undefined.