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Custom Assembley Definitions

caius 4 years ago updated by Caius Eugene 4 years ago 2

In Unity 2017.3 introduced the ability to defined custom assembly definitions https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/ScriptCompilationAssemblyDefinitionFiles.html

What I've found is when writing custom units the UnitCategory attribute is ignored. 

public class CustomEvent : ManualEvent


Please could we get support for having this in a custom definition

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Hi caius,

I don't understand your question. How are the custom assembly definitions related to the UnitCategory attribute


Hi Lazlo,

Sorry I think I made an incorrect assumption that the attribute is out of scope. The problem I'm having is that the Units don't respect the custom path set by the attribute when they are part of a custom assembly.

If they are part of Asembly-Csharp they work just fine.