Bolt Buttons in WebGL not working ? but work everywhere else ?

thomas4d@gmail.com 4 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 4 years ago 5

HI I've done builds in Windows and it the editor it works prefectly But when i build for WebGL the Gi button don't work ? if i use UNity standard asset the Fade and roll over work but my Bolt action does not ? any thing i should be doing different with WebGL ?

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I created a complete new scene with a single Flow attached to a Button it works every where except in a WebGL build ???  please help

so no one has tested this ?  

I've done 2 new clear scenes put in the above flow on a Unity button,

the buttons animates to show the Mouse is interacting with button (unity animation)

but the Bolt flow does not work in a WebGL build  ?? can some confirm please

do I have to move to a different scripting system when building for WebGL ?


Your a Goddess Elin  Thanks so much !