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JasonJonesLASM 4 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 25

Here is a simple comment unit. 

- Change Colors or have no background at all.

- Is not dimmed because of its relations.\

DOWNLOAD Version 1.0.1 (UnityPackage with source from now on)

DOWNLOAD Version 1.0 DLLs (No More DLLS after this)

DOWNLOAD Version 1.0 Source Zip

*Since this contains Inspectables and is a new unit, make sure you first Update Unit Options, and then Generate Custom Inspectors.

Bolt Version:
Unity Version:
Scripting Backend:
.NET Version (API Compatibility Level):

just downloaded this, but don't have the option to change color,?

Any luck? Using C's files or assembly? Because it's working for Reality.

It seems to use the brightness of the color as opacity, rather than the alpha slider.  Intentional?  

Regardless, THANK YOU.

Unfortunately this is a behaviour I do not have the option to change. Units use a NodeColorMix, which are a mix of very specific hard coded colors for Unity GUI. Don't have the option to add more unless it was coded at the source level. All I could see, was to set R,G,B based on your selection, and the other options set them all to 0, but there is no actual alpha mix. The closer RGB gets to 0, the less color that exists in the mix. 0 across the board is 0 alpha.

I also can't set up the color.


Nevermind. I restarted Unity and now I have color.


Just what I've been looking for, Thank you!


Haha, awesome! Very creative way of adding comments and using NodeColorMix :P

For the record though, I'll still make the group comments visible in the graph in the future.

Thank you for all that you've done.

I came over from PlayMaker recently. The difference that this macro remedies was one of the pains of switching.

That's awesome, always good to hear that! Surprised me a bit everytime, I've never used these personally, but I guess it's kinda a big deal to have something like this. 


Thanks so much for doing this. Love it. 

Thanks for the unit. It works except for the following (I had restarted Unity): Very useful!

1.  Color does not change,

2.  Icon is missing (it uses the default Lego block icon).  What should the PNG file be names and where should it be?


Are you on 1.3 beta? The new folder structure changed how icons work, possibly other stuff. Thanks for the heads up. I can manually assign a texture, but it will have to rely on a specific location in your project. Probably just keep my own editor default resources sub folder for now. Not sure on the colors, but I'll take a look.

Otherwise they will work to actually make comments though right? I will look into within the next 24 hours and try and get up a separate version for 1.3.


Hi JasonJonesLASM:

Yes, I am on 1.3 beta. 

The color and icon are of secondary importance. The most important feature (comments) works as expected. Thanks for your work!

Sorry for the noob question. how to add this unit to a graph?

Just import scripts or package, then go-to Tool> Bolt > Update Unit Options.

Then it'll be in the root of the fuzzy finder.

Same process applies for any Custom Units. As they don't get added into the wizard.

?Done this several times but no luck. any suggestion

If you did regenerate inspectors too, and nothing shows up, in not sure. What version of unity are you on, and .net? Don't think it should effect it though. Do you get any errors?

I was having the same issue in Unity 2018.1.0f2. What I did after the steps described above is this:

  • Go to Unit Options Wizard in Tools/Bolt. 
  • Add 2 new assemblies and search for lasm
  • Add Lasm.BoltAddons.Comments and Lasm.BoltAddons.Comments.Editor
  • Press Next
  • In Type, add a new type. Search for comment and add it.
  • Press Generate. The new comment unit should be added on the fuzzy finder inside the folder tools/graphs

Somehow, the comment unit is not using the ¡ icon provided. I must have done something wrong...

Anyway, usefult stuff. Thanks, Jason!


Nope nothing wrong on your part. Actually updating this already because that part broke with 1.3. So if anyone who wants all stuff fixed, download it. Is a proper unitypackage, and will work with how all future projects are laid out together. Be up in about 20-30

Edit: Thank you though! Good looking out.

thanks. will this be added to main package eventually?

No it won't, Lazlo plans to make the group comments appear in the graph though.  

i have plans for comments 2.0, thanks to some nifty ideas from Hyper, that should help make them even more useful, sorta for diagramming as well. Still have to fix the icon on this one though. 

I should really make a roadmap, so many project. Yeah, going to do that. 

Edit: https://trello.com/b/Pbpgi74U


Uploaded Comments v1.0.1 (Bolt 1.3)

- Changed path now to the rest of the new files layout "Assets/LifeandStyleMedia/Bolt/Comments".

- Switched to just cs source files and icon. No more DLL. UnityPackage file as well.

- Changed namespace to Lasm.Bolt.Comments, using RenamedFrom attribute, so we're safe :) 

- Fixed the Icon!

- Removed isControlRoot getter for isControlRoot assigned in Definition. (Didn't realized I had a 4.0+  unit going here. Will fix any issues that existed in .net 3.5.

DOWNLOAD Version 1.0.1

Aha!  Now to inspect how to do the blasted icon.  Lazlo gave some cryptic hints, but I was never able to get it to work!

I used a resources folder like he suggested, honestly not 100% if this is proper, would still be included in a build oor not? The codes there where to implement though.