Strange Transition Issue

Marshall Brooks 4 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 4 years ago 6

So I've ran into a funny little issue with one of my transitions from an initializing state to the idle state of a game. 

As you can see, I have two debug units, logging to the console when the flow hits them. 

The issue I'm having is that while Initializing gets logged to the console just once, the Initialized gets logged many many times.

Here's where the transition gets called.

If I'm reading the console window right, I get one Initializing Debug log, and 82 Initialized Debug logs. 

While it's not anything game breaking, it does bother me from an efficiency point of view.

Thanks for reading!


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What's in your Super Unit Initialize? Since the log before it only gets called once, but the one right after many times, it would lead me to initially believe something at that point should be the culprit.

Here it is. Sorry for the large size, I know I need to refactor it a bit..

Thanks for the reply!


You have the body going to the output 82 times. Check the bottom right set of nodes. That is why. I can't follow all of it to a T, but that threw the red flag to me instantly. Should just be the exit if you expect it to happen once. with the log. If you need to add on exit and during body, create a Add for the body and an Add for the exit. Only drag the right side add out on the exit one.

OH Wow, thanks for the heads up! No idea how long that would have taken me to notice,

Haha happens a lot. Can get confusing if you don't organize well. I learned to make any semi large sections into there own embedded graph. Keeps it easy to read and decipher with titles that describe that sections purpose. Eventually you'll be able to select what you want and auto turn into a super unit with no effort. That is going to be beautiful.