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Super State Events

cosmonaut 4 years ago updated by Zhu Li 4 years ago 3

It would be really nice if super states could have lifecycle events similar to flow graphs.

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They do... Start and On Enable shouldn't work because that is started on the behaviors start and enable, not the units, but The rest work. Use On Enter State for that. But OnDestroy, Update, Fixed Update, ect all work just fine inside a State Unit.

Under Review

As Jason said. Unless you mean something different? Can you elaborate on which events you would like to see exactly?


Hi, Inside the Build Super State, I need to do something when control enters the super state and exits the super state, despite what the state it is in when exiting. How do you do that? Do I have to create Enter and Exit State and manually transition into them?

I can use three start state to do this. But the problem is I cannot set the order of their event functions. That is, the Enter state's events are the first to be called. The Exit state's events are the last to be called.