editor slowdown

Ed WonWon 4 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 4 years ago 3

So, we've been having massive editor slowdowns since very soon after installing Bolt, and I finally did a deep profile of the editor today, and while it's intermittent, it appears that Bolt's Deserialize is slowing down the editor massively (see screenshot below, I went as deep as I could with the foldouts, but it goes veeeery deep)

This is making it really difficult to do basically anything in our project, and we're seeing occasional frame drops in the game down to 20 or 30fps. To be clear this problem is only in the editor, our builds still run at 60fps in mobile VR.

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P.S. I know you'd like steps for how to re-create this issue, but I have no idea how

also we are still getting the deserialize warnings and occasionally even seemingly deserialize related errors in the console


Finally figured this one out, and it was not Ludiqs fault. I had a plugin in my project, unrelated to Bolt, called Full Serializer. This plugin was overriding the default unity serializer with it's own, therefore causing Bolt to do super heavy stuff on deserialization and slow down my editor massively.

Deleting full serializer fixed the issue and performance of the editor is back to normal.



Glad you figured it out.

Actually, Bolt also uses a modified FullSerializer in the background to serialize its graphs, so I wouldn't say that FullSerializer is all out bad. It's known to be a bit slow, but if you know what you're doing / which parts you're serializing, you can probably optimize it to be fast enough.

(As an aside, graph window performance will be improved in v.1.2.4, regardless or serialization issues).