How to properly set up chronos with the platformer tutorial?

Mike S 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 1

Hey! I have managed to make a character controller with the platformer tutorial, and then set up chronos as shown in an older thread. Only issue I have is that chronos doesn't rewind the animation for running unless you hold the movement key while rewinding. From what I understand, it's because movement animations from the platformer tutorial rely on movement input, while Chronos doesn't actually have access to that input. Everything works as expected except for the reliance of movement input for animations to trigger.

Would be great if someone could explain if flow machines are accessible from other scripts such as chronos during runtime. Or if there is a good way to set up animations so that chronos can rewind them properly regardless of input. My initial hunch was to check for movement on the X axis in transform, and then execute the running animations if there is a change, but I am not sure how I would do that properly.

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Here is the solution to my problem. Previously I had Start > Set Rewindable, but once I made it Update every frame it recorded everything properly. Would be incredibly helpful if we had some more documentation or tutorials that showcase Chronos with Bolt, especially if you would bundle those together in the future for a sale on the Asset Store. Any more tips or information regarding this topic is welcome! Hope this thread can be of help to others.