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"Ecosystem" for shared Macros

Le Giang Anh 4 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 9 1 duplicate

I strongly suggest that we have something like "ecosystem" from Playmaker. So the community can share and use the macros from others easily by searching inside Bolt.


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You can upload the *.asset files directly to the forum:

I make regular backups of the forum so the links shouldn't get broken.

I looked for that option myself to let him know. The link shows but not the file icon you point to. Maybe something you need to activate for us on your end?

Oh, maybe it's a permissions issue. I'll look into the UserEcho settings.

Thanks, thought I was crazy. Or else I'd have done that in the first place.

Under Review

This would be very nice indeed, but it's a very complex feature that implies server storage of macros with a REST API, user accounts, versioning, new editor windows, deep integration in the fuzzy finder, etc. It's not impossible, but it probably won't happen any time soon, unfortunately!

Thank you. Hope that others will vote for this more.

Hi, I'm a grave digger, I'm here to just upvote this post :)

Playmaker Eco-System is one of the major added-value feature they have. I'm using another tool called "Game Creator" which will also have a similar feature to share actions (A Community Hub)

I strongly encourage Bolt dev team to brainstorm ideas around this. 

Since this idea was posted, Bolt community grew bigger and bigger, some extenders and Bolt enthusiasts are already making terrific example and tutorials. 

That could start little and grow up over time to a full community hub with all the specifics you mentioned there Lazlo (versioning, editor window and all)

It could be a simple sort of repository with the Macros and a note like "Made with Bolt 1.4, might not work with current Bolt 1.6 version" and users could anyway update their macros if required. That's how Playmaker EcoSystem works, some actions exists since 2/3 years and still work fine

Imagine a new user trying to figure out how to make a Third Person Controller and be able to download 4 or 5 Macro examples made by the community so he could learn how all this works. That would be a huge step forward for self-learning and also reduce the number of redundant questions on the forums/discord

So again, a big +1 on this idea


Hi Necka!

So, a little update on this because we definitely see the value of a graph-sharing system too. We have been brainstorming ideas, but none of them are simple to implement unfortunately. 

For example, the simplest approach I could think of is similar to how Unreal Blueprints are shared: a simple copy-paste. Basically, copying parts of your graph would create a text string in your clipboard that you could share. Pasting that text string in a graph window would recreate a graph. 

The problem with that approach is that it doesn't:

  • Work with nested graphs in a macro asset
  • Work with graph-level properties like inputs/outputs
  • Work with variables automatically
  • etc.

The truth is that sharing a graph implies sharing all of its dependencies along with it. This is why this is so complicated! The good news though is that:

  • We now have our own fully managed website and user database system
  • We're still very interested in the idea and brainstorming it actively

But in the short term, we decided to prioritize a lot of core features to the plugin for Bolt 2.0.

Would love to hear all of your design ideas here in the mean time, it could definitely be interesting!