Particlesystem.particle variable

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How to get Particlesystem.particle variable in Bolt?

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How to do this in bolt?

        if (m_Particles == null || m_Particles.Length < m_System.main.maxParticles)
            m_Particles = new ParticleSystem.Particle[m_System.main.maxParticles];
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ParticleSystem.Particle is a nested class. In Bolt's human naming, it's called Particle of Particle System.

You can add it to your type options in the Unit Options Wizard like so:

I would like to get and store single particles to a list (array). Is this possible?

"Particle System > Get Particles" seem to be the correct unit, but I was not able to store the particles in a list?! 

Lateron I would like to use the Position (or other properties like color, rest lifetime) of particles to connect some of them with a line renderer.