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Allow new super unit to be available when dragging connection

odyssey96 4 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 4 years ago 2


At the moment, you can create a new super unit only by adding a new unit by the right click context, not in the dragging connection context.  I can understand why, but could you not allow a new super unit in the drag context which can create a default 'Entry' Control input for that super unit?  

My intuition always drags a connection to make a new unit and connect up automatically

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Sorry i also meant connect the connection that you were dragging to the default Entry control input too

Under Review

Interesting idea!

Right now my plan to simplify the creation of super units is different. Instead, you'll be able to "collapse" your selection of units to a super unit in one click (and maybe even expand it back). Therefore, you'd start creating your nested graph in the parent graph, and when you're satisfied with the logic, you collapse it (optionally creating a macro to reuse it elsewhere). 

I'll keep your idea in mind when designing this system.