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Peek doasn't work with Unity 2021.2 Beta

Fryderyk Rott 5 months ago updated by Andrew Scott 2 months ago 6 1 duplicate

I know this version of Unity is in Beta but I needed to upgrade my project and without peek life is a little bit sadder and more depressing. It seems that Unity has done a lot of editor improvements with this update (including floating windows etc.) and peek just doesn't run at all. Is there any chance it can be fixed in the neer future?

Unity Version:
2021.2.0b9 Beta
Peek Version:

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in the using includes at the top of the script UnityEditorDynamic.cs the using for SceneManagement should not have the word "Experimental" in it anymore, remove that and it will be able to find the PrefabStageUtility and be able to compile.  However, there are other issues which will occur afterwards which I haven't been able to manually resolve. Will most likely require an update from Ludiq. 

Pending Review

Hello everyone, thank you for the reports and apologies for the delay.

I'll be investigating this issue today.

I've been able to reproduce and fix all compilation issues easily.

However, it seems like Unity has changed a lot of the scene view GUI code with the addition of the new scene toolbars in 2021. Many of the assumptions Peek relied on seem no longer true and these things are not documented. I'll keep investigating for a fix.

Fixed (Unreleased)

Alright, figured out a fix, and pushed it in v.1.4.1, which is now under review at the Asset Store.

If you can't wait, you can also download it directly via our portal here: https://ludiq.io/peek/download/1.4.1

Thanks again for everyone's patience on this!

Speaking of the new GUI in Unity 2021.2, is there a chance that at some point that you might lever this new docking system?

Also I am having an issue with the Game Window, when I make changes to that, for example switch from Free Aspect or turn of Low Resolution Aspect, it doesn't seem to keep these changes. Is this something that can be addressed?

Also I forgot to state this, but it is when using the Popup Windows close button itself.


The download worked great for me.  Thank you!

Leaving Peek behind just wasn't worth the jump to 2021 for me.

Great stuff, essential.  When does Unity integrate Peek for us?