popup reference inspectors only coming up one level deep

Matt Torres 4 months ago updated 4 months ago 0

Popup inspectors are not coming up beyond one level deep. For example, we use some classes that inherit ScriptableObject in our project for setting parameters on stuff in our game. For example, we have one Monobehaviour that we put on objects that has a reference to a ScriptableObject called Gun, which then has a reference to another type of ScriptableObject that stores parameters for a randomized sound effect. This screenshot should illustrate what I am talking about. When I click on the magnifying glass icon next to "Shoot Sound Effect" it should show me the details of the assigned ScriptableObject, but nothing pops up.

Reproduction steps:

Create monobehaviour with reference to a scriptableobject type that has a reference to another scriptableobject type

Put said monobehaviour on a game object and use popup reference inspectors to try to drill down to the second level scriptableobjectPlatform: Windows x64

Unity Version:
Peek Version: