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Can Creator snap to meshes without colliders?

Paradachshund 1 year ago updated 10 months ago 2

Hello, I'm brand new to Peek but already wondering about the positioning of objects with Creator. I have an unusual project setup and long story short all of my terrain and props do not have collision. It seems like this breaks Creator and it always wants to position a new object far off into the distance instead of on top of the mesh I am hovering over.

As you can imagine this makes it pretty useless for this particular project, so I'm hoping I'm just missing an option somewhere. Is there a way to make it snap to meshes without collision? I already checked the layer options and all the layers are checked in Peek's project settings.


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Hi Paradachshund,

Sorry about the late reply.

The Creator uses the same detection algorithm as the Probe and the Unity scene view, so it should theoretically be able to pick non-physics objects.

Can you see your mesh using the Probe by right-clicking on it?

If not, please send me a reproduction case or the mesh so I can test.

Hi Lazlo, thanks for the response. The probe definitely works (use it all the time). I'm attaching a video of what I'm talking about. You'll see me hovering the creator widget over the wall model (it seems to be tracking OK), but when I add the barrel model it is placed far forward in space. I then test Probe, and it registers both models.

I'm also attaching the models I used. You should be able to simply import them to a project, and remove any collider components (mine only have the mesh filter and mesh renderer components). You won't have the material I'm using in the video, but it's nothing fancy and the behavior happens with different materials, too.