OdinAOTSupport Name Conflicts

JasonJonesLASM 1 year ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 1 year ago 6

We're both generating OdinAOTSupport dlls for our own project most likely using the same initial Automation builder file. I changed the output name to prevent conflicts on my end. This should probably be changed on your end too Incase this happens with other assets.

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Hi Jason, nice to see you here!

I'm sorry, not sure I follow, can you specify what file is causing a conflict and what your suggested fix is?


Thanks! OdinBuildAutomation.cs is the file, and on line 79, or roughly, if you changed it. That line is when the Odin Serializer will generate the dll on build for AOT Support on its end. But your name that is given in the method is the default. So if anyone else is using it as well, you'll get conflicts, because two generate with the same name at different paths. I changed that string to something else for my stuff and everything worked great between the two after.

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Thanks for the precision. I'll double-check with Sirenix, because the GitHub README doesn't mention this should be changed. They only suggest changes in the static constructor.

But I guess it makes sense, because GenerateAssembliesDir does not contain a name by default, so I can't preprend it with "Ludiq" like I did for the 3 strings before. I could switch line 79 to:

AOTSupportUtilities.GenerateDLL(GenerateAssembliesDir, "Ludiq.OdinAOTSupport", types);
Fixed (Unreleased)

Got the confirmation that this is a safe change from Tor, so I'll make it in the v.1.3.2.

Thanks again for pointing it out, cheers!

excellent glad to help!