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WhiteList folders

MadZero 12 months ago updated 12 months ago 2

If you want to do level design only using prefabs, you have to list a lot of  folders to black list to make the fuzzy faster and only use that one folder, so the idea here is to name one/two folders as whitelist and fuzzy uses them only, if that is empty it uses all but blackList. 

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Hi MadZero,

Thanks for the suggestion!

In Peek v.1.3.0, the creator performance has been greatly optimized, so that may not be necessary.

Likewise, if you want to only display prefabs in the creator menu, you can uncheck "Create Models" and "Create Sprites" in the Peek Project Settings. 

I'm working on an even more "limited" creator tool for specific palettes of prefabs, but that will unfortunately take a while to ship. 

I'll keep your suggestion in mind as a middle-ground approach for future versions until then.


Nice approach, but still instead of pallets of prefabs they can easily be structured into few folders, or one, and just thick that into white folder/s and it works nicely. This can always be fast, compared to optimization where the time will always increase a bit with the size of the project and thousands of assets. 
Connect that with the shortcut/buttons to whitelist different folders or quickly change between them and you have some speed level design tool, that would allow you to quickly place all sorts of assets/prefabs. 

I hope you will consider this even more. 

Thank you for the reply.