Peek gone crazy after overlaping menu and object

zipo13 1 month ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 4 weeks ago 2

Just started to use Peek.

When by mistake I tried to move an asset that the click menu was under the asset didnt move and the click menu appeared. (This is OK).

But when I tried to move it when the click menu was not under it anymore, the asset would not move or another asset would move.

The only I found to get rid of this is to move to another scene and get back to this one.

Unity Version:
2020.1.9.f1 Personal
Peek Version:

Upon further testing after any click on the peek toolbar, the object becomes unusable.


Hi Zipo13,

Thanks for the bug report and sorry you're experiencing this issue. It seems like the MouseUp event isn't firing properly somehow. I'll have a look soon!