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Brian Jensen 10 months ago updated 10 months ago 0

Asked over in the Unity Asset Store to post here.


Lock that inspector bar to a location and be done with it. That little bar flying all over the screen as I move the camera is very inconvenient.

Selecting Child objects is a pain. Far easier to just re open the heirchy hit the arrow and go to the child yourself. The search thing only returns the top most object and I haven't figured out how once I have the parent to access the children easier. Getting the parent object is fine it's just getting to the children.

Seems like a cool asset but that one flaw keeps me from using it.

Only thing I use is the full screen stuff and even then it feels like more of a hassle. You can only see one inspector component at a time unless you pin it which makes a window and now you have a bunch of windows all over the place. Easier to just have the inspector open so I can scroll through it.

Scripts on the full screen view are organized weird. One script will be one the bar and the other scripts will be next to it but grouped together. Why? Group all the scripts together.

Prefab view the inspector bar is half off the scene view screen. Still functional but annoying. Also when you're flying around the screen that little bar jumps around and flies all over the place. Pin that thing, lock it to the object, I don't know it's annoying.

The replace menu ALT R the font size zooms in and out as you type from something like 128 pt font to normal 12pt font.

The list goes on but I don't feel like typing it all out.

Got as part of humble bundle. Would not pay the price this asset is asking. Would not happen.

The more I type the more stars I want to remove because I remember more things that I found inconvenient and sluggish.



Hi Jensen,

I'm sorry you didn't find Peek to your liking, and I appreciate you leaving a constructive review.

One thing I would like to point out is that the full screen workflow is not mandatory with Peek. You can use all of Peek's features while still keeping your favorite windows like Hierarchy or Project open. Full screen just doesn't suit some people, and that's OK!

Re: Selecting child objects: Hit "Space" with an object selected and a local hierarchy with its children will be shown. Or right click its name and choose "Hierarchy". See: https://i.imgur.com/5ScuHeY.png

Re: Scripts being merged: You can disable that entirely under the "Scripts Merging" dropdown in the Peek Preferences. See: https://i.imgur.com/V8wMjiV.png

For your other feedback, if you have the time, I'd really appreciate a feature request on our forum, which would let us exchange more about the workflow you have in mind and let me give you status updates on our future plans: http://ludiq.io/peek/forum

- Lazlo from Ludiq


Scripts merging is fine but random ones seem to not merge

And then this is the prefab view scripts are in 2 grouping again :) and the inspector bar is sleeping at the bottom of the view

For seeing children with spacebar. Oh...but in my defense it could have been this. But yea spacebar helps.

Other things I would have to show video for as a screenshot can't really explain some delays when opening some windows. Sometimes the delay can be so long I think I may have not actually clicked it and click it again only to have the window pop up a second later and immediately close :)

Here is the font issue with the search bar

Reference font after weird flickering

You can see the difference between the 2 pics yet they are only frames apart. I'm not sure if it is some kind of animation playing but it flickers something bad with every letter you type or delete for a frame or two. Entire window appears to be scaling weird with every letter typed or deleted in the search bar.

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