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Feature Request - Hierarchy folders

Ex-Crow 1 year ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 1 year ago 1
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Hi Ex-Crow!

Thanks for the inspiration. That does indeed look fantastic. What I like most is the automatic "main component" detection that helps display an icon. I had been toying with this idea to replace preview icons (or offer it as an option), but I didn't expect it to look that good!

What I don't like however is that this adds a runtime "Folder" component to game objects. One of my goals with Peek is that we add no runtime data at all, and that uninstalling Peek doesn't break any scene. However, one thing I could do is add a Tag when creating a Group, and use that.

Is this compatible with Peek, if you install it side-by-side?

At any rate, I'm definitely interested in providing a built-in equivalent to this design, it's just too pretty! :)