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"Peek is compatible with all third-party custom editors and drawers"

pdub87 1 year ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 1 year ago 1

in the documentation I read that "Peek is compatible with all third-party custom editors and drawers, including those created with Odin Inspector."

This does not seem to be true for the Inventory component that is a part of Ultimate Inventory System. When I look at the Inventory component in the unity inspector, it has a custom editor.  When I look at the Inventory component in Peek, it's not rendering the custom editor - its rendering out with the default unity inspector UI which is basically unusable... 

 Any ideas why this may be the case?  Thanks,

Unity Version:
Peek Version:
1. 2.0f2
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Hi Pdub87,

Sorry you're experiencing this issue and thanks for the report!

Peek just creates an Editor object the same way that the Inspector window does, without overriding or rewriting anything, which in theory means every custom editor should "just work", and so far that's been the case (save for DoozyUI, we're investigating that!). You should see the exact same thing that you're seeing in the Inspector window for your component.

I've reached out to Opsive (the publisher of Ultimate Inventory System) and I've made them aware of this issue. As soon as we hear back, we'll try to collaborate to get this resolved as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience!