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Samuel Arminana 12 months ago updated 12 months ago 0


I've been using Peek for a bit now and creating my own tools to assist with game development and streamline it. I was messing with the built in Project Window and made an extension that turns a two column window into an asset browser for a particular path. Let me show you,  

Here is the default Project window,

Here is my window, http://samuelarminana.com/u/19f776574-68c3-485a-92fe-e9486fb0cddc.mp4


  • The footer is different
  • The left folder tree is hidden
  • The breadcrumbs for any parent folders are removed
  • Gridsize is adjustable to change the preview size of assets
  • The project window is locked
  • The search bar removes the ability to search outside of the project window and only in sub folders

This is useful for getting to particular folders quickly and I think it can be useful as an extension similar to the Tabs as shown below. Perhaps folders can be added to the list view from preferences and maybe through code. For example, I have an art folder with every scene containing assets for that particular scene that I made a button to display my browser for.

I posted my code on Github for anyone to take a look at and see how to interface with the window.


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