Remappable Shortcuts

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I'm working on it! Using this thread to merge other requests into one and provide status in one place.

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Hi Xefier,

Sorry you're experiencing this issue. I didn't even know that feature existed!

Unfortunately there's no configuration panel to edit that shortcut, but as a workaround, you could edit line 38 of Creator.cs to something else:

if (position.Contains(e.mousePosition) && e.CtrlOrCmd() && !e.alt && e.shift)

I don't believe Unity lets us configure mouse bound shortcuts, even in 2019, so I'll have to think about how to solve this on a more general basis.

Let me know if this works for you!

I'll try changing the code later today.

Maybe it could be shift + C?

shift + C didn't seem to work but shift + alt seems fine


Hi Chris,

Thanks for the feature request. This is actually one of the first features on top of my list. I will implement using the new Unity 2019 shortcut remapper.

In the mean time, you could manually edit the shortcut bindings from "ShortcutsIntegration.cs".

Look for these lines:

[MenuItem("Tools/Peek/Shortcuts/Primary 1 &1")]

Here, "&1" means "Alt+1". All modifier symbols are documented here: https://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/MenuItem.html

You can modify that to suit your needs.

This is still an issue in the latest version.
I keep having to manually change the code every time I updated.

Hi Xefier,

Sorry about the delay.

There's unfortunately no "quick fix" for this on my end, but in the next major version of Peek I intend to make shortcuts more configurable, including specifying your own modifiers (Alt, Ctrl, Shift, etc.) for each action. I'll update this thread once that happens.

Need More Information

Hi Kenneth,

First, I apologize about the very late reply.

Regarding your issue, this is not something that should happen with Peek, and the first time I get such a report. We do not override these shortcuts.

Do you have any other third-party asset installed at the same time that may be causing this issue?



(P.S.: Moving this to our public bug tracker for proper status updates).


Hi Kingblade!

I'm very sorry you're experiencing shortcut conflicts. Unfortunately, at the moment, they are not remappable. This is a highly requested feature and the #1 improvement on my roadmap.


Hi Teevik,

I'm sorry you're experiencing this issue.

Shortcut remapping is high on our priority list, I will try to update you as soon as possible.

Working on it

Hi everyone,

Remappable shortcuts will be in Peek v.1.2.0, the next version.

You will have full control over the keys, modifiers, and even click vs. double-click.

If you are using Unity 2019+, you will also be able to modify the Peek toolbar shortcuts from the new Unity Shortcut Manager window:

I'm just finalizing some tests on Mac OSX, then pushing the new version later!

Works in OSX! 

Peek v.1.2.0 is now submitted on the Asset Store and available on our download page.