Blurry inline inspector header when UI scaling is on

jakuba 1 year ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 1 year ago 2
If you look at the top, the icon and the "Cube (8)" next to it (and all of the other icons) are blurry, compared to the popped up inspector at the bottom.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Edit -> Preferences -> UI Scaling -> set to 125% or more
2. Restart Unity
3. Click on any object in a scene and see the inspector
Unity Version:
Peek Version:
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Hi Jakuba,

Thanks for the report and sorry for the delay.

I had never known this setting existed, I'll have to revisit my GUI libraries to handle scaling.

I'll use this post to keep you updated on my progress.


Hi Jakuba,

This setting is new to Unity 2020! Makes sense I didn't see it before.

I did some tests and it turns out that Peek is behaving properly and loading HD-enough textures, but scaling at uneven sizes causes a blurriness.

The parts of the Unity GUI that are not blurry are probably those that were rewritten using UIElements which supports vector-like constant scaling. Peek is written using IMGUI, which does not.

At 200%, for example, Peek looks fine, because the sizing is a full multiple:

I also noticed 150% had less blurry artifacts than 125% or 175%.

This is unfortunately not something I can fix unless I rewrite all of Peek's GUI code to use UIElements, which is an enormous task, so I'll have to mark this as postponed for now.