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Hi, I am currently a lot of errors on entering play mode. This is currently on macos mojave.

Here's an image of all the errors

This is the stack trace of one of those missingmemberexception errors

```MissingMemberException: Member 'UnityEditor.EditorWindow.ShowModal' not found.
Ludiq.LudiqGUIUtility..cctor () (at <75479a292f634cecafcc6d9c858e3997>:0)
Rethrow as UnityEditorInternalException: An error occured while accessing internal Unity Editor functions. This might happen if Unity makes backward-incompatible changes in their newer versions of the editor.
Ludiq.LudiqGUIUtility..cctor () (at <75479a292f634cecafcc6d9c858e3997>:0)
Rethrow as TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for 'Ludiq.LudiqGUIUtility' threw an exception.
Ludiq.ColorUtility.GetPixel (UnityEngine.Color color) (at <75479a292f634cecafcc6d9c858e3997>:0)
Ludiq.ColorUtility.GetPixel (Ludiq.SkinnedColor skinnedColor) (at <75479a292f634cecafcc6d9c858e3997>:0)
Ludiq.LudiqCoreResources+Icons.Load () (at <75479a292f634cecafcc6d9c858e3997>:0)
Ludiq.LudiqCoreResources.Initialize () (at <75479a292f634cecafcc6d9c858e3997>:0)
Ludiq.PluginContainer.Initialize () (at <75479a292f634cecafcc6d9c858e3997>:0)
Rethrow as Exception: Failed to initialize plugin module 'Ludiq.Core.LudiqCoreResources'.
UnityEditor.EditorAssemblies:ProcessInitializeOnLoadAttributes(Type[]) (at /Users/builduser/buildslave/unity/build/Editor/Mono/EditorAssemblies.cs:114)```

Unity Version:
Peek Version:

Getting same error on PC with 2019.3.13f1. I'm able to sim, but am encountering strange issues like not being able to change values within the inspector. Although I can add assets, I'm essentially paralyzed. Impossible to tweak post effects, character values, etc. Please help!


FYI: I was able to fix the issue by deleting Peek from the project and reimporting it. I'm still running into asset compatibility issues with 2019.3, but Peek is not one of them.

Thanks! I'm gonna try that out.

That did fix the issue (temporarily at least)! Thanks


Hi, sorry for the very late reply. Indeed, 2019.3 compatibility has been fixed in the latest Peek release. Closing this thread.