Peek is not playing nice with DoozyUI

Setriakor Nyomi 2 years ago updated by Midnight Syntax 1 year ago 4 1 duplicate

Peek throws exceptions when I try to open DoozyUI drawers. While other things trigger this behaviour. The most consistent way to reproduce the bug is the open a DoozyUI inspector and pin it. Also the inspectors render a blank screen. When I tried to install custom inspectors, this came up:

Screenshot 2020-05-06 at 4.10.59 PM.png

Screenshot 2020-05-06 at 4.09.42 PM.png
Screenshot 2020-05-06 at 4.09.16 PM.png
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Hi Setriakor Nyomi,

I'm very sorry about the issue and the delay in my reply.

I've reached out to Doozy Entertainment (the publisher of DoozyUI) and I've made them aware of this issue. As soon as we hear back, we'll try to collaborate to get this resolved as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience!

In the mean time, I do not suggest generating the inspector providers from the Developer menu, it should not be necessary and as you noticed it seems to cause compilation errors due to a bug.

Wow I love how on top of this you are, let me know if you have any plans for this.


Hi Midnight Syntax,

We have actually already reached out to Doozy UI about this (merging the thread), but they haven't ever replied. Can you try posting this on their support to see if you can garner attention there as a customer?

I'll try that, thanks!