If I buy Peek, can I change its source code?

Axonn Echysttas 1 year ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 11 months ago 1

I'd like to buy Peek but add some changes to it based on my project's workflow. Can I add stuff in Peek's UI by modifying its source code? Is the source code obfuscated or is it modifiable? 

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Ok, thank you for your answer! :). Will be back soon hopefully. I'm investigating this as part of integrating your product in a more complex workflow and there's still quite a bit of analysis to be done. But it was critical to the investigation to know if we can possibly perform project-specific tweaks that may be necessary for the integration. Such as adding APIs or UI elements. 

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Hi Axonn,

The source code is not obfuscated, you can modify it to suit your needs!