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Yotingo 2 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 1

Hi, I asked this same question on Discord but wasn't able to get a reply. I'll try here instead :)

I'm thinking of purchasing Peek and am comparing features with uContext.

Does Peek support any of the following?

- Drag and drop objects onto Canvas
- Change size of brush in Terrain Editor using mouse wheel or hotkeys
- Maximize Game View in playmode with hotkey
- Hierarchy debug/error icons
- Selection history

How does Peek handle saved scene views? It would be perfect if it automatically saved your last scene view position for every object. For example: select leaf and zoom in, select tree and zoom out with a different angle, select leaf again and automatically zoom back in to correct angle because it remembers that object's individual scene view position.

Ideally I would like to have my current working layout (including object selections) saved and reloaded when I re-open the project. uContext doesn't do this but instead uses 'Favorites' to quickly select objects that you've been working on.

Unity Version:
Peek Version:

I appreciate the response, it's quite practical. I'm only downvoting the customer service quality because it took a month to receive a response. During this time, the sale ended and I purchased a competing asset instead.

Satisfaction mark by Yotingo 2 years ago

Hi Yotingo,

I'm afraid Peek doesn't provide any of the listed features.

I'm always curious to hear about ways to improve Peek to assist with different workflows, so if you would like to detail any of them in an Idea thread I would appreciate it! This way the community could vote on the feature and I could follow up.