Grouping moves objects, errorL Invalid worldAABB. Object is too large or too far away from the origin.

dev 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 1

When I select game objects (even just one) in my scene and group them via hotkey the group parent and all the game objects are in a different world position.

The video shows the bug but it doesn't show the popup for the grouping - I just press CTRL + G and click ok on the popup

I get the following error

Invalid worldAABB. Object is too large or too far away from the origin.
Ludiq.Peek.PreviewUtility:TryGetPreview(Object, Texture2D&) (at Assets/Ludiq/Ludiq.Peek/Editor/Utility/PreviewUtility.cs:46)
Ludiq.Peek.TreeViewToolbars:Draw(Boolean, ToolbarControlProvider, Object, Object[], Boolean, String, Rect, Rect, Boolean) (at Assets/Ludiq/Ludiq.Peek/Editor/Toolbars/Integrations/TreeViewToolbars.cs:32)
Ludiq.Peek.TreeViewToolbars:OnItemGUI(ToolbarControlProvider, Object, Rect, Rect, Boolean) (at Assets/Ludiq/Ludiq.Peek/Editor/Toolbars/Integrations/TreeViewToolbars.cs:125)
Ludiq.Peek.HierarchyToolbars:OnHierarchyItemGUI(Int32, Rect) (at Assets/Ludiq/Ludiq.Peek/Editor/Toolbars/Integrations/HierarchyToolbars.cs:54)
UnityEngine.GUIUtility:ProcessEvent(Int32, IntPtr)

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When I use the "Group Globally" action it works as expected - the items stay in the same world position.