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Please automatically focus on Game window when entering Play mode

hoodust 2 years ago updated 1 year ago 4

With Peek, the Game window doesn't automatically gain focus when entering Play mode, like it does in vanilla Unity. This forces you to click within the Game window after hitting Play and the scene loads. 

In case it makes a difference, I have a dual-monitor set up and the Game window is alone on the second monitor. 

This small thing actually makes testing extremely frustrating, especially since I hide the mouse cursor when the scene loads, and with Peek it hides the mouse cursor across both monitors for some reason, so it's even harder to find the Game window and click on it.


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Hi Hoodust,

Sorry for the delay and thank you for the bug report.

If this is indeed the "vanilla" Unity behaviour, 'll make sure this is fixed in coming versions.

Note to self to revisit this for next version.

Cannot Reproduce

Hi Hoodust,

I'm revisiting this issue but I can't reproduce the reported "bug"; I want to make sure I understand.

When I press play on a Unity project with Peek installed, the Game View gets focused no matter which other window was selected, which is the expected behaviour. If that's the bug you were describing, I can't reproduce it.

However, if I maximize my Scene View then press Play, the Scene View doesn't automatically minimize to show the Game View again. That is not specific to Peek; the same also happens in vanilla Unity.

Are you suggesting that Peek should maximize the Game View when you press play if you had the Scene View maximized before? That would be an interesting idea, but then this is more a feature request than a bug report.

Hi Lazlo, I stopped having this issue a while back. I changed some input-handling methods in my project so maybe that was it, but it appears it was not related to Peek. Thanks!