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Suggestions from a new peek user

Mark McCorkle 2 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 3

Below are some my observations and little nibbles I'd love to see considered for future Peek versions.  This is copied from my post on my asset store review.

Feature Requests:

* a red dot with number notification indicator when something under a drawer need my attention (e.g. when there is an error posted to Console or Game window has become active by isn't yet in view)

* when I'm holding down right click in scene view for free look (fly mode) should ignore the "space" hotkey so that it can be used to fly up.

* Figure out a better workflow for when I am in full screen scene view for when I hit ctrl-p. Currently game view doesn't appear.

* add a "workflow wizard" which could include a Unity layout + peek configs + hokeys into something I can export from this project and import easily into the next.

* add Ludiq folders to .collabignore (or .gitignore, etc) on the install of peek. I didn't want them in my repo, and I think I'd be breaking the per seat purchase rules if I was collaborating with anyone on this project. Make it easy for me to do the right thing.

* don't stack Custom Scripts into one button by default -- instead have the wizard offer me the option to put icons on them (or walk me through that in project view at least).

-- if no user icon -- put a "Ps" (adobe style) icon for the name of the script (e.g. MouseManager would be "Mm", and something like ReallyLongNamedScript would be "Rs").

* along with that, add fuzzy search for emoji to the list of things I can assign as icons

* filling empty reference boxes in scripts is not intuitive (drag and drop feels backwards to me) and having to sticky an inspector window feels counter to the Peek design. Perhaps an option to replaces the "dot circle" default Unity search dialog with the same fuzzy search I use everywhere else?

Little things I'd expect to be able to do with keyboard which don't work:

* pressing space when an object is selected brings up the secondary bar but in fuzzy search mode -- so the alt-1, 2, 3, etc keys don't work (though they show up if you hot alt)

* from the same if you are in the "add component" dialog, you can't go back to any of the previous views via their alt-# hotkeys

* when viewing a component property, if I press space, it opens the property as a distinct popup window (yay!) but in many other places (like opening project, hierarchy, console, etc from the main bar) pressing space does not do the same behavior.

* pressing escape will close a secondary bar menu item, but not the primary one.

* arrow keys when a button is selected could select the neighboring buttons

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Hi Mark! 

Thanks for the detailed suggestions. I'll refer back to this thread when developing the next feature release for Peek and see which of these are feasible. Some definitely could be done (more or less cheaply), but others are Unity limitations.

However, I particularly like the "Ps" style acronyms, very clever idea!

Some workarounds for others:

  • When in look mode in Unity, you can use E to go up, and Q to go down.
  • For switching to the Game window on Ctrl+P, we recommend creating a layout with just the Scene and the Game views as adjacent tabs, not using the Peek full screen scene view feature. This way, you get the same screen space, but Unity properly manages to switch to the Game tab automatically.

Thanks for the compliment.  It works well for Adobe ;-)  

As for the look mode -- I knew about the q, e movement, but I've already rebound all of my Unity keys to work more like my favorite 6dof FPS game so that I can re-use that muscle memory when moving around in unity, hence the request.  I already do this by hacking my local Peek install -- but every new project I import peek to (and every update to peek), I'll have to just redo my hack.  

Anyways, this is a quick screen record of how I'm using it and why that Ctrl-P was kind of the final hotkey that breaks my workflow :-( 



Hi Mark,

Re: Space shortcut: I understand. I think the overall real solution here is to provide configuration options for each Peek shortcut. Ideally we'd have them integrate in the 2019 shortcut manager. This is tricky because the shortcut manager isn't available in 2018, so we decided against it for v.1.0. Will definitely revisit this later.

Re: Missing Tabs, you can change your Peek preferences for "Tabs Display" to "Always" instead of "Fullscreen Only". This will fix make them also display when the scene view is shown as a tab.