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Cannot use transform handle at certain angles

chambino 2 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 3

I was seeing this odd behaviour that at a certain angle when I try to use the transform handle it would go in drag and drop mode instead. See video.

This is hard to create but it was happening when your handle is close the peek object toolbar. Once it goes in that mode you have to move the scene camera to fix it. Zooming in and out does not help.


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Dear Chambino,

I'm sorry you're experiencing this issue and I apologize for the late reply on this. We really appreciate you taking the time to submit a bug report.

I was only able to reproduce this issue when dragging on the gizmo when it overlaps with the object toolbar. For now make sure to avoid doing this, I will escalate the issue to our lead developer.

Kind regards,
Hasan from Ludiq

Cannot Fix

Hi Chambino,

Unfortunately Peek can't move the transform handle and it's very hard to be able to avoid it in some cases.

For this reason, we added the B shortcut, which toggles the object toolbar display.

In those situations, just press B to hide the toolbar, move your object, then press B again to show the toolbar.

I hope this helps with that edge case.