Unity Bug

Minimizing Unity Editor does not minimize Peek windows when scene view is maximized

eimantas 2 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 3

To reproduce:

1. Maximize scene view

2. Open some Peek windows using buttons on the scene window

3. Minimize the Unity Editor using the icon in the taskbar

Expected: Unity with all its windows get minimized

Actual: Unity editor gets minimized but the windows opened using Peek remains

Notes: Minimizing using the top right button works as expected, only the taskbar icon reproduces the issue

Unity Version:
2018.4.14f1, 2019.3.0f4, 2020 latest
Peek Version:

Dear Elmatas,

I'm sorry you're experiencing this issue and I apologize for the late reply on this. We really appreciate you taking the time to submit a bug report. Thanks for the clear reproduction steps. I have reproduced the issue and will escalate it to our lead developer. Please keep in mind delays due to the holiday season.

Kind regards,
Hasan from Ludiq

Unity Bug

Hi Eimantas,

Unfortunately, that seems to be a Unity bug on Windows, not specific to Peek.

If you'd like, you can submit a bug report to the Unity team about it. The report should mention that "windows opened with ShowUtility do not minimize when the editor is minimized from the Windows task bar".