Integration with Fullscreen Editor

Crystalius 2 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 11


Would love this asset to work with Peek perfectly. They compliment each other really well.

Everything is fine here:

This happens when going to Main Fullscreen mode (whole editor)

One more problem with this asset: "Only glitch I've seen is that pinned Peek windows disappear as I move the mouselook in fullscreen scene view." Gregory from Discord

Unity Version:
Peek Version:
Under Review

Due to the numerous window hacks both assets have to use, I'm not sure perfect compatibility can be achieved.

For that specific bug where the windows don't appear in the tab view, it seems to be caused by the fact that FullScreen Editor changes the layout behind the scenes, which is what Peek uses to determine the tabs to display.

In v.1.1.6, you'll be able to use a new Tabs Whitelist project setting to work around that. This setting allows you to force certain window types to always be displayed in the tabs toolbar, regardless of whether they're in the layout or not.

Great news! Can't wait, thanks!

Tabs Whitelist solved the issue. Thanks! 👌

One more problem with Fullscreen Editor—can't open multiple tabs at once while in fullscreen if using mouse to switch them. If using keyboard shortcuts, Fullscreen Editor lets open multiple tabs at once. 

Not critical, but seems like quick fix and it would be nice! 😊

Found out that any mouse click anywhere not on the window destroys all of the open windows while in fullscreen.

Could I expect a fix? Would be amazing. Can't use Fullscreen Editor now because of this, I thought it was a little trouble but it's actually breaking my workflow with Peek hard. Would really appreciate.

It's like Fullscreen Editor is drawn on top of Peek when you click in editor's space. Tabs remain open but not shown. They get restored after exiting Fullscreen Editor.

Maybe it's as simple as layering issue? Fullscreen Editor becomes above Peek on mouse click?

Hi Crystalius,

Unfortunately I don't have time to dig in Fullscreen Editor and make multiple compatibility fixes at the moment. It seems they rely on a lot of manipulation of the editor windows, which confuses Peek's tools. Maybe you could reach out for support on their end?

Yes, I understand. I already did contact him, he'll try to do something about it. 

This issue is solved. Fullscreen Editor's developer has sent me a fix. 👌


Glad to hear that!