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Tyler Marcotte 2 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 4

Is there plans while working in peek to make it so that you can full screen or maximize your windows? Currently While im working in my scene view I have a window for Bolt but I cant full screen bolt unless i back out of the full screen scene view. Is there an actual way to stay in full screen mode and max and min bolt window from peek?

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Hi Tyler,

I'm not exactly sure what you mean, Unity can only have one maximized tab in the main editor window container. What are you suggesting exactly in terms of workflow?


To work with peek I have to maximize scene window. In there when im working i have my pop up windows for things like bolt graph or  so i can edit without having to minimize and leave screen. However if i want to enlarge my bolt window to do a bigger graph or concentrate on that It wont let you maximize it over the scene window. As you said unity only allows one maximized tab so that might not make it possible. Never thought could basically make scene view full screen just lose your tab popup toolbar then and just won't be completely full screen.

What about making it fullscreen in a fake way, simply by expanding small Peek windows to the whole screen with a button? Would be useful. Now I need to go to standard tabs sometimes, when larger view is needed for specific window, which isn't smooth at all. 


One thing you can easily do is to not use the quick-maximize double-click, but just create a pseudo-fullscreen layout with tabs for yourself.

For example, have a scene view tab that takes the whole editor screen, and next to it a Bolt graph window tab, etc.

If your tabs don't show up in the scene view when it's not maximized, make sure the Tabs setting in Tools > Preferences > Ludiq > Peek is set to Always.

On the larger question of quickly switching layouts for different workflows, then I would just advise using the default Unity layout dropdown and setting up your favorite layouts. This is what it was built for, after all! I'm not going to be developing a "better layout switching", because Unity is already developing it internally. During Hackweek 2019 they announced Workspaces, which is basically exactly that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YiZQ6CyO3Fw