Couple of issues that need addressing, any word on when these maybe fixed?

Andrew Scott 2 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 4

I have attached a couple of images to illustrate two of the bugs.

1) When using Text Mesh Pro, the shader is never in the Peek toolbars.

2) Components are going missing on all the toolbars, seems that going into play mode and out is removing some like Scripts, TextMesh Pro and a few others.

Both of these issues can be seen in the image below.

3) When going in and out of Play mode, switching from Visual Studio, the Windows that are pop ups seem to sometimes go then come back and sometimes just disappear to never come back.

4) Getting pushing too many GUI's, now this one is a mystery as one project I have I do not get it and yet another I get it all the time and it seems the longer the project is left open the more likely you are to see it.

These are the current most annoying issues I have found, now I am thinking that the windows disappearing and reappearing might be a Unity Issue itself, but I wanted to report it here in case it is not. And maybe if it is a Unity issue, get to work with Unity and see if this can be fixed somehow.

As you can see by this image, there is no Text Mesh Shader component here, so making changes to this can't be done.

As you can see after I pressed play and exited, the Text Mesh Pro Component has now vanished and this is also happening with Scripts and some other Components as well.

Unity Version:
2019.3.0f1 and Unity 2019.2.15f1
Peek Version:

Here is another image of the error I see, I also should point out that when this error happens, it is always when I am adding scripts, folders or sprites into the Hierarchy when it is a pop up window. Also when this error happens, all windows will then disappear for about 1-2 secs, then reappear. And if I am not in full scene mode and have normal docked windows, I do not see this message appear either.

Also switching between Full Scene and normal layout modes, results in Pop Ups from disappearing if they are pinned.

Hi Andrew,

First off, I apologize for the delays in addressing Peek issues, I've been busy wrapping up a major Bolt version in the past two weeks.

It's not practical for me to follow up on one thread for multiple issues, so I'll split it:

1. TMP => Answered on your other thread

2. Missing components => Merged your other thread with a similar report and answered there

3. Disappearing Popups => Do you have reproduction steps for this specifically? I couldn't find an older thread about it but oddly I remember us discussing this at some point.

4. GUIClip error => Again, unfortunately, I really need some kind of condition to be able to check and trigger on my end. From experience however, these errors are perfectly harmless, but I do understand that not having a clear console is annoying, so I do want to fix it ASAP if I can reproduce it.

Yes I know the GUIClip is harmless, but it also causes my pop up windows all to disappear the moment it is thrown. Sometimes they come back, sometimes they don't.


Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the follow up. Because this is a multi-issue thread and I answered on the related threads with fixes, I'll close this one.

If you ever find reproduction steps for the GUIClip/disappearing popups, please post another thread so I can look into it.