Cannot Reproduce

Cannot open tab in pop up after opening it in pinned mode.

chambino 2 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 2

Recreating bug (need double desktop apparently):

  1. Set peek to pinned mode.
  2. Open a tab and drag it to second moniter.
  3. Change from pinned to pop up mode.
  4. Click same tab again to close it.
  5. Click to open tab in pop up mode.
  6. .... Won't open. You need to be in pinned mode to open it.

See it in action: https://i.imgur.com/50MM2ag.gif

Unity Version:
Peek Version:
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Hi Chambino,

Thanks for the report, I'll have a look and try reproducing this on my end.

Cannot Reproduce

Hi Chambino,

I tried reproducing this on Peek v.1.1.5 and Unity 2018.4 and I couldn't. The pinned tab shows up below the button as expected:


I see you're using an old version of Peek (v.1.0.1). Can you try updating and see if the issue is resolved?