Using Full Scene Mode and Text Mesh Pro has no Shader option WIndow

Andrew Scott 2 years ago updated by k111111 10 months ago 9

As the header suggests, as it stands in the normal inspector there is a shader option for text mesh pro that allows for outline, shadow etc. This is not available from any of the toolbars in Peek.

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Hi Andrew, thanks for the report, I'll look into it.

Usually we honor the HideInInspector hide flag, but we might be more aggressive than Unity on this.

Not a Bug

Hi again,

Just checked, are you referring to the material options?

If so, they are also available in Peek, right after the Mesh Renderer icon (we put materials right after their renderer instead of at the end of the list).

Yes I expected it to be another item in the toolbar, but it is not showing up for me at all, in any of the toolbars.

Need More Information

Hi Andrew, sorry I missed your reply to this.

Since I can't reproduce the issue on a blank project of the same versions with Peek and TMP, can you send me the asset files or a minimal project that has this issue? I wonder if it might be related to a specific TMP or Unity setting, or material or shader.

Sure, I'll put something together a bit later.

I have included an empty project that I created and the moment I added the TMP Text, the shader was not there. I have also included a video and screen shots to help.

As stated I am also seeing other issues, where other components go missing as well, like the script attached, I know that was in another ticket. But this video below shows it happening.

Unity Package for testing

lol, looks like GameDVR didn't copy the pop up windows. But you can see the tabs deactivating and reactivating and that is when the windows disappear.

Also if I save and exit Unity and reload Unity, it opens up with no windows and the tabs are deactivated. I see this a lot when switching to Visual Studio or minimising Unity and then going back from time to time to find all the windows gone.

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the additional info. I'll have a look.

Hi, I have the same issue.

Unity 2019.4.21f1