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When if Scene Full view, when pressing play the game view remains in a normal state when it is set to maximise on play.

Andrew Scott 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 5

Now this maybe a Unity issue, but I thought I would drop a report here just in case.

The scenario is that I have 3 windows as pop ups, the game view being one of them has the maximise on play option selected, yet it remains in the docked position. It would be nice if it adhered to that setting and allowed it to go full screen.

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Dear Andrew,

I am sorry you are experiencing this issue. I was able to reproduce on my end so I will pass it on to the lead developer. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. 

Kind regards,

Hasan from Ludiq

Cannot Fix

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the report. I can indeed reproduce the issue, but I don't think I can fix it.

The game view maximization is handled internally by Unity. My hypothesis is that it doesn't apply to Peek's tabs because:

  • The tab is shown in Utility or Popup window mode, not the usual dockable mode
  • AND / OR the tab has to be closed when entering play mode and then reopened one frame later to avoid a nasty layout corruption bug

At present I don't see a way of circumventing either of those issues.

Would talking to Unity on this one, also help them make a change to Unity to accommodate this. It is a pain to have to switch out of full screen and back again. I think Unity would be accommodating for this tool, as it is brilliant.