Adding tags and layers when in Full Screen mode

Andrew Scott 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 4

Didn't see anything related, but when I was trying to add a tag or layer from the hierarchy by clicking on the game object and selecting add tag, nothing actually happens.

It does, but just not in full screen mode, if I switch out of full screen. Then the inspector is showing the tags and layer options to add.

Am I missing something?

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Dear Andrew,

I am sorry you are experiencing this issue. I am having a little bit difficulty wrapping my head around what is happening exactly. Could you take the time to illustrate the issue with some screenshots. This will help us better address it.

Hasan from Ludiq

Sure screenshot attached, when you select Add Tag nothing shows up.


Hi Andrew,

That's a great suggestion, but unfortunately that's not something I'm able to do. The game object header you're clicking is rendered by Unity, and Unity's default behaviour is simply to select the Tags & Layers project settings in the inspector window. I can't override that behaviour.

Any way to contact Unity and ask if something can be done, as I hate having to go in and out of full scene mode for this one thing.