Default width of the peek component tabs

Christopher Ross 2 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 3

Hi everyone, how can I make the peek tab window larger when it pops up? currently I feel they are just a little too small for me.

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Working on Fix

Hi Christopher,

Thanks for the report.

I'll add a setting for inspector popup width in the future. Currently it is set to 330px, which is the minimum size of the inspector window. One could argue that DOTween is at fault here, because custom editors shouldn't be created to be wider than the inspector window.

In the mean time, as a workaround, you can edit EditorPopup.cs at line 65 to something wider than 330px.

Fixed (Unreleased)

This will make it into v.1.1.2:


Available now: http://ludiq.io/peek/download/1.1.2

I would really appreciate it if you could update your review, considering all the issues you reported were fixed :) Cheers!