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Creator Snap

Jonas 2 years ago updated by ILJI 2 years ago 4

Thanks Lazlo, that did it. A nice functionality for a future version would be to have the Creator be able to snap according to snap settings. But for now, this is great!

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Good idea! Will consider it for a future version.

Yes, snapping would be great!

Peek works fine, when placing assets on existing ones. Would be cool, when placing assets into the void, that they would be placed on zero regarding the Y postion. So, this should apply even if (the considered) snapping is off.




Peek honors the default position that the Unity editor picks, which is hidden the pivot point of the camera. For some workflows, it's annoying, because we might like objects to be created at Y=0, but that doesn't apply to all types of 3D scenes.

To reset a newly created object's position, I recommend using the toolbar below it, right-click the transform and choose Reset. This will center it at world origin by default.

Alternatively, you could create a large hidden plane with a collider at y=0. Peek would notice the collider and place objects on it. You can change which physics layers Peek recognizes through Project Settings > Peek > Probe Layer Mask.

Thanks for the explanation. The idea of the large hidden plane sounds good, avoiding the extra step via the toolbar. A plane can also be adjusted easily, when not aiming for Y=0. Thanks.