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Not working when import to an existing project

Michael Yin 2 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 3

InvalidOperationException: Trying to access Ludiq product container before it is initialized.

Ludiq.PeekCore.ProductContainer.EnsureInitialized () (at Assets/Ludiq/Ludiq.PeekCore/Editor/Products/ProductContainer.cs:92)

Ludiq.PeekCore.ProductContainer.GetProduct (System.String productId) (at Assets/Ludiq/Ludiq.PeekCore/Editor/Products/ProductContainer.cs:98)

Ludiq.PeekCore.LudiqProduct.get_instance () (at Assets/Ludiq/Ludiq.PeekCore/Editor/Product/LudiqProduct.cs:24)

Ludiq.PeekCore.LudiqProduct.HookSetupWizard () (at Assets/Ludiq/Ludiq.PeekCore/Editor/Product/LudiqProduct.cs:43)

Important note : this error happens when I import Peek into a project with "Hierarchy Pro" from EModule, not sure if they are conflict on calling  the hierarchy bar drawing API.

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Hi Michael,

Sorry you're experiencing the issue and thanks for the report. Three questions:

  • Is that the full stack trace? 
  • When does the error get logged exactly?
  • Does the error persist after restarting Unity?

Yes that's full stack trace, I get the log after I import Peek into project and done compiling. 

The error persist after restarting unity, however after I reimport the whole "Assets/Peek" folder, the error is gone ...

Cannot Reproduce

Hi Michael,

Glad to know that reimporting the folder fixed it. I will close this as Cannot Reproduce for now.

Let me know if you encounter the issue again. If so, please also let me know if there are any other errors related to Peek or Ludiq in the console, as the one you reported seems to be a symptom of something else failing.