Probuilder does not exist in the namespace UnityEditor / UnityEngine

MostHated 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 6

Hey there,

    I had Peek in my project and went to add Probuilder and was greeted by these fine fellas. I saw there was an integration for Probuilder in the Ludiq files. Is there something special I need to do for integration that I might have missed? I went back into the menu and wizard but didn't see anything for integrations.



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Yes, here's the integration guide, if you follow it the errors should go away:


Ok, thank you for that. I seemed to have missed that somehow. May I suggest perhaps in the Peek menu in the editor having an Integrations menu in which could link to that page? Several other assets I use had them there, so that was the first place I had looked.

All said and done, I wasn't even meaning to install ProBuilder, I meant to install ProGrids, lol.



I'll consider more automation for future versions, yes.

In the mean time, I updated Peek in v.1.1.1 so that at least, you don't get errors if ProBuilder is in the project. It just won't work until you follow the integration guide.

 Glad to hear about it not throwing an error though. Perhaps if it detects Probuilder, a debug message could display saying "We have noticed you are using Probuilder. Be sure to check the
integration guide to enable full usage."?

That's precisely the problem though, there's no reliable way to detect ProBuilder across Unity versions, hence the manual integration steps. If we could then we would do everything automatically. :(

Ah, understood. I thought that assets being installed from the package manager made it so they *could* be detected more easily. I must have misread some docs somewhere.