Peek Icon in UnitySerializedEvent Drawer is misplaced or covered

Arctop 2 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 3

Above you see where it ends up being drawn in that inspector

if you notice, the peek icon above, gets drawn UNDER the field of a serialized unity event. where the parameter should be.
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Working on Fix

Hi Arctop,

First, I apologize for the very late reply on this.

I've looked into this and unfortunately I'm not sure how to properly fix it.

Unity doesn't give us a lot of positioning information about the reference properties. For example, I can only know the full size of the property area, but not which part is the label and which is the actual field.

Right now I assume there is always a label, which is why the button gets misplaced.

I'll try some things to alleviate this, but in the worst case I could also just disable it altogether when there is no label so that it doesn't weirdly intersect with the parameter field in UnityEvents.

Fixed (Unreleased)

This will be fixed in the next version: