Pausing time resets mecanim animation state

AtomicJoe 4 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 4 years ago 3

Hello, I'm using chronos to pause my game with a global clock=0 but evertime I restart the clock it restarts the animation state where my character was.

This is a problem because I rely on mecanim's root motion for every movement of my character and it distorts the behaviour of the character, not only aestetically but for gameplay too (jumping and pausing/unpausing makes the character jump longer).

Since this wasn't stated in the "limitations" section, I suppose it's either a problem with my code or a bug. But I have no scripts on the character, just pure mecanim blendtrees and variables.

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Hi AtomicJoe,

Sorry for the late reply. Are you seeing this behaviour in the latest version of Chronos? I thought I had fixed it in 2.4.7.

The limitations mention that rewinding then going forward will cause this behaviour. Are you sure you're only pausing, and not rewinding?

You are correct, it was fixed in the last version.

My bad, I'm sorry :-p

Anyway, I'm very happy it works as expected now, thanks! :)