Problems with flying and slowing down time

MisterJuly 11 months ago 0


I am using unity, playmaker, and Chronos in my game, and I have a problem. I was able to get my character to slow down time with the hit of a button, and then once released, time resumes normally. However, when I hold the time slow down button and hit jump, my character flies in the air for a while or until I release the jump button. My FSM (sorry, don't know how to code, using playmaker) is on the first state, I have get key down action. The second I have a scale clock time action. The third state I have a get key up action and the fourth I have a scale clock time action. I also have the potentially bigger problem of this only working in the air. Help with both problems would be appreciated. Thanks!

Chronos Version:
Unity Version:
2019.4.16f1 Personal