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how to rewind time for ragdoll

Daniel Dolby 5 years ago updated by Philip 11 months ago 7

Hi I getting great resaults with this asset but having trouble rewinding time for ragdolls, or more or less when i turn a model into a ragdoll, I'm using IK Final as well in my project. any help with this would be really great. P.S ive got it to slow down but not rewind for IK Final ragdoll.


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Hi Daniel,

I haven't used Final IK before. How did you get it to slow down? On which game objects did you add Timeline or TimelineChild components?

Hi, thanks for getting back to me.  I'm trying to get a model while animating to turn into a ragdoll and then rewind back past the point it was turned to a ragdoll state. At the moment when i rewind past the point it was turned into a ragdoll it looks jumpy. If i rewind just the animation its smooth. What is your best practise for rewinding time for models turning to ragdoll?

At the moment i have a timeline on each ridget body in the model and one with the main animation.

 I can get it all to work seamlessly if i use two models to show it rewinding, one for time going forwards,turning to ragdoll and rewinding to the point it turned to a ragdoll. And one after with just a timeline on its animation.

Many thanks,

Having the same exact problem in 2019.4. I know it's been a while, but have you found a solution by any chance?

Hi Daniel,

Could you please send me an example project where the issue is isolated? It's hard to determine what might be at play here without being able to reproduce the problem.

(Don't include the Chronos asset in your zip).

Hi Lazlo, I have a simple scene where Daniel Dolby's (and my) issue is isolated. Not sure if you will see this comment, but if you do could you let me know how to best send the file to you?