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Problem with Instantiated Objects NOT PAUSING

Matthew Johannes C. Balubar 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 2

Hi, Ludiq!

I posted this topic in "public" so that my fellow developers will be able to used this as a guide in the future if they came up with the same problem as mine. :)


I have this problem where everytime I paused the game using the "Pause Clock" action with Playmaker, the game stops (obviously) except for gameobjects instantiated in the scene. Instantiated gameobjects keeps playing eventhough their clocks are toggled "Paused". Same thing happens with their FSM's.


I double checked all the prefabs that should have a "Timeline" component with its parameters set correctly so I wouldn't make this noobie mistake of not setting up components correctly.


I've also make sure that Timekeeper is set perfectly as seen in the picture above.


This is the FSM that uses Chronos actions to control my game time.


This is the actions inside the Pause state. It uses the "Pause Clock" action to do exactly what it's supposed to do.


This is the actions inside the Play state. This time, it uses the "Pause Clock" action to play/resume the game.

I hope the info I provided above is enough to give you information about my problem.

Anyways, thanks in advance!

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Hi Matthew,

What exactly keeps running despite the clock being paused?

Chronos can't keep your PlayMaker actions/states to run, because PlayMaker doesn't check the time scale values from Chronos, unless specifically use our actions to fetch the time scale and pause status within your graphs.

Chronos should stop every other integration it knows though (movement, physics, animation, etc.).

Yah. The thing that keeps running despite the clock being paused is the "Wait" Playmaker action. Since I can't use the "Schedule" Chronos action in realtime while the game is paused, I'm using wait as an alternative.