2D Interpolation Laggy, Smooth Player

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I've recently been merging Chronos with my game, and all is going well. I'm experiencing a laggy effect on player while the camera follows him. With interpolation turned on, the effect is very intense, and with interpolation off, the effect appears to be the same as if I had the interpolation off and I wasn't using Chronos (a little bit laggy.) Any suggestions on getting an object to appear smoother as the camera follows it?

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What interpolation setting are you talking about? Chronos comes with out-of-the-box interpolation, there is no option to turn it off; are you talking about a third party plugin?

Sorry I wasn't too clear. No third party plugins; I'm referring to the interpolate setting for, in this case, 2D ridgidbodies.

Thanks for the precision. :) Could you please send me a simple project zip in which this bug occurs? I'm having trouble reproducing it.

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No problem. I've recreated the effect that is happening in my game in this project. When the game is running, you can use the "Track" field part of the Camera Operator to switch between the player that has a clock and timeline attached, and the player that doesn't have a clock or timeline. Both players have interpolate turned on, but the player with the clock and timeline is very laggy when the camera follows it.


I've removed your link because it provided a public access to the full Chronos asset... Please don't include it in the assets folder next time.

I tested your project. I set the player with a timeline to a purple color. I don't experience lag with either interpolate set to "Interpolate" or "None"; both seem to work fine. Here are gifs of my results: http://imgur.com/a/OWcys

Note: I didn't notice your TimeManipulator script, but now I did; the results are the same when I press "3" to rewind and set the time controlled player's color to green.

Could you please record a gif of what you consider to be the bug? I suggest using GifCam: http://blog.bahraniapps.com/gifcam/

I apologize for linking to the asset, didn't even think about it at the time.

I've recorded two gifs, the first with interpolate set to interpolate, and the second set to none. The player seems to be laggier than in your gifs, do you think it's an issue with my Unity installation?


It's hard to tell, I really can't reproduce. :/ Try fixing the jitter before integrating Chronos so we can differentiate the issues

I'm sorry, but I'm not sure what you mean. I wasn't having the jitter issue until before I added Chronos to the project. I've reinstalled Unity but nothing seems to have changed, and I noticed I'm having the same issue on my laptop. Which version of Unity would you recommend?

Sorry for the delay.

I've gone back and I went though the tutorial again, this time I followed the tutorial to the T. I used the player that is part of the Unity 2D Platformer Example, and I'm still getting the same effect. I've set up a global clock called player, and the timeline attached to the player uses that clock. Once again, I've created two gifs to show the results.


It's a bit hard to tell from the gifs, so here's the project (I've made sure not to include Chronos this time.)


I'm still on Unity 5.5.0f3 and on the newest version of Chronos. The player's interpolation is set to interpolate both before and after I attach and timeline, but after I attach a timeline, I get a jittering effect.

Hi Heroicskull,

Thanks for the follow up. I'm still having trouble reproducing this bug. I'll try to redo the tutorial from scratch in a brand new Unity project this week and see if I can recreate the same issue. Thank you for your patience.




Hi Heroicskull,

I imported your example project and Chronos and I truly cannot reproduce the issue.

I also redid the tutorial from scratch up to the time bomb and did not experience any jitter / lag.

I'm sorry, but I'll have to mark this issue as closed.

Maybe you'd have better luck looking at other forums for the general cause of interpolation lag in the Unity editor (especially if you say the issue doesn't occur in the player).

If you ever find a way to fix your issue, please let me know! I'm really curious as to what is causing it.

Best of luck,



Thank you for your help! I'll let you know if I figure it out.