'Decompress On Load' on audio files increase memory

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For pitch of an audio source to be adjusted by Chronos when timescale changes (rewind), its audio file's 'Load Type' required to be set to ''Decompress On Load'.

However  I've different music files that is being used on different levels (scenes). But having to set 'Load Type' to ''Decompress On Load' on all these files significantly increases the total audio memory being used.

Is there a work around to this? May be decompress only the required music file for that level at runtime for Chronos to work?

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I managed to fix the issue. I thought all audio files that are in project with 'Decompress On Load' are loaded to memory by default. But I was wrong. Only files used by a scene are loaded into memory.


Hi Gayanw,

Sorry for the very late reply on this. Glad you managed to resolve the issue!